Keeping Your Word for Financial Service Professionals

October 10, 2013 at 1:44 pm Leave a comment

Whatever happened to the days when your word meant something?  Likely, those days never truly existed, but times certainly have changed.  Ethics are something that are given lip service like the executive who claims that since he attended many sexual harassment seminars, the hostile work environment simply must not exist.  On the other hand, are ethics just scorned now as an inconvenience where workers roll their eyes and complain when that inconvenient, right thing to do is ever brought up?  Trust and honesty are vital to a successful business.  If you do not follow through on your word or simply lie, there will be no trust or honesty.

Everyone’s word does matter. It does not matter what they do, but the whole organization needs to take what they say seriously and follow through. I would never recommend contracting with any service provider who does not agree. They will not be there to return your call when something goes wrong. I have seen it repeatedly. The client is smitten with that jovial voice or pretty face, but when the person never follows through, off goes the business!

Check out the culture of the business environment. Make sure that everyone is credentialed and subject to strong ethical standards. And if they don’t follow through on their word, take your business and run!

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Thanks to Influenster and Colgate for this great box!!! Do You Measure the Service Quality of Your Plan Providers?

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