Happy New Year 2014!

January 3, 2014 at 6:21 am Leave a comment

Happy New Year! I hope it is a great one with wonderful opportunities and much joy!

In the current issue of The Atlantic, there is an interesting article about research on cheating done by Harvard University (Beck, J. (2014, January/February 2014). Who Cheats-And Why. The Atlantic, Page 27). What caught my attention was a conclusion that majoring in business increased the likelihood that one would cheat or lie for personal gain. I think most people have encountered a situation where a coworker claimed credit for their work or idea. Or perhaps, a business partner refused to keep their part of the deal. I certainly have encountered surprisingly ruthless behavior that included extensive lying and other unethical behavior in the workplace to only see that behavior rewarded by management well aware of the situation.

To me, this seems like the right time for a new years resolution for many professionals to behave ethically going forward. Personally, my experience has been the many benefits professionals benefit by having strong ethics policies. In addition, these are not businesses that consider them to be just for show. By establishing the infrastructure, organizations would create the necessary framework to deal with ethical issues and to send a message that this type of behavior will no longer be tolerated. Do you think its time for a change?

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